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My First Blog Post

  • By kevin.durso
  • 22 Jun, 2017

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By 7019809349 19 Jul, 2017
Yes, we sell a very inexpensive roofing shingle here, for one reason, the market demands it.  They are purchased by three types of people really rich, really poor, and those in between.  The manufacturer has removed the warranty (in most cases) due to a substandard production occurrence.  We do not know what that occurrence is when we buy them or sell them.   We also carry full warrantied shingles.  Something for every budget here at the roofing outlet . 
By 7019809349 07 Jul, 2017
Buy two cans and receive $5.00 off each can on our special non-solvent cement which is now safe for EPDM roofs as well as Asphalt.  It is the Green can Sale.  Special ends July 17th, 2017.
By kevin.durso 22 Jun, 2017
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